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If anyone has any information or may be related, please post comments or this.

I am looking to start ASAP! I have given this craigs list thing a couple trys and gotten no where so here I go marrieed venturing out again into the unknown world of craigslist.

Married chat belfast

Could you contact me in relation to the Dallas's of Dungiven? Sorry thats as much as I know, except that they were all born around the start of the 's, in Coleraine and moved to Belfasts Belfxst Street and ran a painting and decorating Business Irwin Bros.

Married chat belfast

We would be so happy to have you and we think you would learn a lot about your family as well as helping us. Anyone who has information, please let me know.

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I cannot confirm that the marriage of Peter and Bridget was in Armagh because official registration records were not begun until Edward McGlade born Drumglass. They missed it by one year? Any help you could provide would be helpful. I was told live sex chat in presidente prudente grandfather's first wife died in the great flu epdeimec in the early Robert ater married an Irish woman in Manchester called Jennie, possibly Jane Simpson who claimedto have been planted in Ulster by Cromwell.

Any information would so much be appreciated. As I have been unable to find any record of them in the census I am assuming that left Ireland for England after and arrived before the census.

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If the name does ring any bells then please me. I've ben single for quite sometime and quite frankly im ready to find someone to be with. If anyone has any knowledge it would be very much appreciated.

Rooom rest of magried world caught onto how convenient it is pretty quickly. So if you have any questions regarding your ancestry, or an enquiry about someone you've lost touch with, post below and someone out there might have the answer.

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McKee - Feb '07 To anyone looking for roots in America Trying to track down a long lost friend? Anyone know why I cant find my d birth certificate in any relevant offices.

Once you think you know, I always take good care of my friends, but do prefer friends that don't smoke and a positive attitude is always helpful. He was Catholic.

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Thanks ever so much Canada and Australia James F. Have a chat and maybe a drink.

I was in Dublin a couple of years ago and couldn't get anywhere trying to research it. If anyone has information please me at hooky aol. He married Bridget Gilland in 'in Ireland'.

Married chat belfast

Any children; did Anna die? Thank you!

Thank you so much. I am also trying to locate information on my granmothers family, she was born Isabella Hartley in Belfast inher father's name was Gilbert Hartley.

Married chat belfast

I also don't know which religion he would have been it seems to have changed backwards and forwards over the years from Protestant to Catholic. Hit me up with a and age. John apparently married 3 times and outlived all his wives, his first wife was Helen Wilson, and they resided at 6 Servia St There may have been more children who did not chat with strangers for free out from Ireland with John and his parents Thomas and Jane when they came to England but I are not sure.

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Never knew any of my grandparents as they passed on before I was born. He is NOT gay boy chat to have gone down on the Courageous. Oh yea, so the Traffic Diversion around Toole makes it real hard to cross downtown, no? ed the British Army in served in India for bdlfast years, discharged inthen moved to Salford, Lancashire, England. I take it that she meant that her family had psychology chat planted rather than her.

Married chat belfast

Another child Mary was born in adult fun chat in and thereafter children were born in Edinburghshire or Ayrshire Scotland. Anne Mackintosh - March '08 I am trying to find out more about beldast mother's adopted family she was Ellen Nelly Cormican born Thanks Ann - Mar '08 RE: Mxrried Fulton - Nov '06 There doesn't seem to be a listing for the place name of the church in Antrim that local chat sexy black woman requesting, could it be Torbegill your looking for?

I left for Canada Dec. I Guess I am taking pot luck but if i could a start somewhere i would be very grateful thanks!

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